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Lamborghini Super Trofeo

May 4 - September 9

Super Trofeo is the Lamborghini one-make series that spans three different continents: Europe, North America and Asia. Competing in identical Huracán Super Trofeo EVO cars, the winners of the three continental legs face off in the thrilling series final this fall.

Giro 2018 - American West

July 12 - July 16


    Each year, Lamborghini owners are exclusively invited to traverse the most breathtaking highways in America for a luxury driving experience that embodies every challenge and indulgence of Lamborghini ownership.

    Giro, our most anticipated annual event, allows invited owners to traverse the breathtaking highways of North America. This year, we will explore the landscapes of the American West, from the mountains of Colorado, to the painted deserts of New Mexico.

    Colorado Springs, CO - Santa Fe, NM July 12

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Esperienza Lime Rock - Salisbury, CT

July 27 - July 28

As one of the most distinctive tracks in North America, the historic Lime Rock Park is an ideal course to introduce the powerful capabilities of Lamborghini to the latest crop of prospective owners during this summer’s Esperienza.

  • Lime Rock Park

    For over 50 years, Lime Rock Park has served as New England’s road racing home. When you accept this Esperienza challenge, you will be up against 1.5 miles of uphill and down dale racing on a track that looks deceptively simple, but proves to be a formidable challenge at high speeds.

    Our team of drivers, hand-selected from the top ranks of professional motorsport, will guide you through ambitious maneuvers, pushing your personal limits to new levels.

    More detailed event information to come. Should you have any questions or interest in participating in Esperienza Lime Rock, please contact your Preferred Authorized Lamborghini Dealer.


Lamborghini Monterey Car Week 2018 - Monterey

August 23 - August 26

Along the Monterey Bay peninsula, automotive history runs deep. As the home of what is widely regarded as the premier gathering of the world’s most extraordinary vehicles, this small expanse of land hosts an annual celebration of the industry’s grandest achievements: Monterey Car Week. 

Celebrate and experience Lamborghini while attending the industry’s most prestigious events.

Please be on the lookout for additional information as Monterey Car Week 2018 approaches.