Aventador S Tour Experience

Experience the flagship marque born of Sant’Agata Bolognese: the Lamborghini Aventador S Coupé at the legendary Texas Motorsport Ranch. Spanning over 300 acres, take on 1.7 miles of track and reach peak exhilaration around 11 turns exceeding 30 feet of elevation changes when you examine the capabilities of Lamborghini and your steel will. This is no mere test drive. This is a complete revelation of the masterpiece on display. This is the Aventador S.

  • Aventador S Tour Experience

    At one of the most illustrious tracks in the nation, Texas Motorsport Ranch, you will engross yourself in the thrill of examining the Aventador S at impressive speeds, while being led through expertly crafted driving exercises showcasing the icon in its supreme form.

    Whether you find nirvana in the increased horsepower, the all-wheel steering control, or the customizable EGO driving mode, this Lamborghini immersion will be unlike any introduction you’ve ever encountered.

    But truly understanding the exhilaration of this refined masterpiece can only be experienced when in command of its thoroughbred power.

    Endure the Slow Speed Slalom to test the capabilities of the new all-wheel drive technology in tight spaces and short turns. Seek exhilaration in the High Speed Slalom to feel the reactionary impact of the all-wheel drive. Push the Aventador S to prove its every elevated element in Full Track Lapping.